Why Yes, We ARE Taking Lots of Notes

Why Yes, We ARE Taking Lots of Notes

When it comes to the way we service our Managed Service customers, The Network Support Company talks a lot about documentation. So we wanted to explore that a little more deeply and talk about why it is so important.

If everyone used the same model computer with the same applications and the same versions of those applications, and the same network equipment, and the same printers and the same mobile devices, all configured the same way, and if every user of computers was exactly the same and used the equipment in exactly the same way, then documentation would not be very important. But things are not all the same and, in fact, there are an infinite number of combinations of these items with each variation, creating unique inter-dependencies that require different approaches.

For some companies a malfunctioning printer evokes a yawn, at others, it’s a reason to panic. Some computer users want their applications to behave one way and others another way. Some clients like to be called by their first names and others by their last. Some companies just want their computers to work and don’t care what it costs; others want to do as much as they can by themselves to save money. Some companies have 15 different types of workstation setups and others just a few – but in all cases the expectation is that, when a computer gets replaced, it works flawlessly with every application configured perfectly.

Complicating the equation is that supporting a network requires a team of remote and onsite technicians who work very closely together, so the sharing of knowledge is critically important to give the customer a great experience.

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