Pension and retirement-planning company turns to TNSC for responsive customer service

Since partnering with TNSC, the company has experienced no issues that affect their ability to keep the business running; their IT peace of mind has skyrocketed from 10% to 100%.

“We’ve not had any issues at all. I don’t think that’s because we’re lucky. We’re just set up properly.” – Kristine Faby, VP

Client Overview: This Westchester County, NY-based pension services helps small and mid-sized companies in the Tri-state area implement and run successful retirement plans. Established in 1978, Madison has approximately 450 clients and manages plan assets in excess of $400 million.

Challenge: Their IT company wasn’t competent, knowledgeable or responsive.

For seven years, the pension company struggled, working with a small, unresponsive IT service provider that barely knew how the company’s technology worked, failed to keep their systems current, and offered little in terms of safeguarding their data. IT-related issues were frequent and intrusive on day-to-day operations.

“Once, when a staff member couldn’t remote in to our system, he had to Google what to do,” said Kristine Faby, the company’s VP. “He was horrible about responding to our needs, we were behind the times as far as our equipment, and it seemed as though he was always putting Band-Aids on our problems instead of fixing them.”

A paperless office, the company’s 13 employees rely completely on their computer network, so outages and downtime meant all work stopped.

The Solution: Through a business relationship, one of the company’s executives knew the CEO of The Network Support Company; TNSC performed a network assessment in October of 2013.  Its findings:

  • The company’s overall IT infrastructure score indicated a moderate-to-high risk level (68%) for suffering “crippling” downtime or data loss
  • Server recoverability was present but required a full OS rebuild in the event of a system failure
  • Workstations were not properly backed up; best-case-scenario recoverability time would be one to three days
  • Server OS was not supported, and physical hardware old
  • Security was loose; multiple users had access to others’ home files
  • No anti-virus installed on the server; major concern for root infection
  • Firewalls and switches were unreliable, substandard, not managed, and had no external configuration
  • There were no managed alerts to notify when equipment was failing, and no proactive patching on servers or workstations

TNSC recommended that the company:

  • Replace its servers, firewalls and switches to include managed and business grade
  • Utilize TNSC product SimplyIT, a fixed-price comprehensive product that offers proactive system monitoring and maintenance, backups and disaster recovery, and desktop user support

The Value/Benefit: Since TNSC came on the scene, the company has experienced virtually no issues that affect their ability to keep the business running, and has rated their satisfaction rate with TNSC at 100%.

It also rated TNSC at 100% better than its previous IT service providers, and reported that “IT peace of mind” has rocketed from 10% under their prior company to 100% today.

“It’s night and day from what we had,” Faby said. “We’ve not had any issues at all. I don’t think that’s because we’re lucky. We’re just set up properly.”

Faby said her company was so pleased with TNSC’s services that they’ve signed an agreement to use SecureIT, a highly automated solution designed to address security concerns.  Additionally, because the company has strategic objectives to expand its client base, it also intends to launch TNSC’s new Business Analytics solution, ClarifyIT, which will provide them with data critical to make informed business decisions.

*Company’s name is available upon request by calling (203) 744-2274