TNSC helped a Florida college prep school go from having a completely outdated IT infrastructure to a system that supports some of the most cutting-edge education technology available.

With TNSC’s expertise, the prep school expanded its wireless capabilities, enabling it to launch Google Chromebooks. The new technology, which enhances the student educational experience, paved the way for the school to reach enrollment capacity in 2015.

“Launching Chromebooks was absolutely part of why we reached capacity,” said Rob Terry, the school’s Network Administrator. “We have one-to-one device to student ratio now, so it really gives parents something to look at.”

Client Overview: This Melbourne FL-based school is a four-year college preparatory school with 530 students enrolled in grades 9-12 and 45 teachers.  Their campus is located on 40 acres and includes eight buildings, athletics fields, a gymnasium, a chapel, and a media center.

Challenge: Prior to 2011, when TNSC completed its school’s network assessment, the school’s IT infrastructure was outdated (most hardware dating from 2004), unstable, and lacked an appropriate back-up solution. There was no campus-wide wireless infrastructure (only a mobile unit in a computer lab), and the school was plagued by other deficiencies that impacted IT functions as well as student access to the Internet.

Because of the substandard equipment, the school’s IT director spent far too much of his time troubleshooting frequent IT problems and “piecing together” solutions, leaving him little time to plan and implement improvements.

The Assessment/Solution:  In that 2011 network assessment, TNSC determined that its infrastructure required a complete overhaul.

  • All hardware was out of warranty
  • Cabling was out-of-date in terms of transmission speeds
  • The firewall was consistently in an overloaded state under normal network traffic conditions and had to be rebooted frequently
  • While UPS units were in place, they were not configured to safely shut down the servers in the event of an outage
  • Patching was only being done manually
  • None of the machines or servers had anti-virus protection
  • No data was being backed up to an external source

TNSC’s first project was to lay new fiber and cabling, and then replace switches and firewalls, both key components to network performance.  TNSC also migrated their physical servers to a virtual platform, which allowed the school to allocate far more of its resources to their applications.

TNSC also installed StoreIT, a backup solution, so – not only did the school get backups of their servers every 15 minutes – but those backups were uploaded offsite, so they could be recovered in the event of a disaster.

In the years following the initial overhaul, TNSC worked with the school to deploy a robust wireless system, capable of handling traffic from faculty and student devices. Most recently, in 2015, the school again increased its network capacity and deployed Google Chromebooks, further realizing its commitment to making the latest technology available to their students and staff.

The Value/Benefit: With TNSC, Network Administrator Rob Terry rates their network functionality at 100% better than before. It has experienced 99% fewer outages or instances of data loss; downtime due to viruses or other glitches has been reduced by 100%.

Additionally, Terry said he had “IT peace of mind” only about 25% of the time before TNSC; since then, he has peace of mind 100% of the time.

While the biggest return on investment was the school’s ability to enroll more students – thanks to offering Chromebooks – the partnership with TNSC has allowed Terry to spend his time on projects that further enhance student experience.

“TNSC’s services are great; they always go above and beyond the call for us,” Terry said.

*School’s name is available upon request by calling (203) 744-2274