A precision machined-parts manufacturer chooses TNSC for its size and depth

After its infrastructure was upgraded with new hardware, firewalls and virtual servers, and it signed on for products to stabilize, monitor, secure its network and data, the company reports a 98% level of satisfaction with TNSC.

The return on investment is a no-brainer.” Jim, GM

Client Overview: The company, with roots back to 1969, specializes in manufacturing automotive, medical and military precision screw machined parts. This Connecticut-based branch of the original company was acquired by another company in 2014. Currently, it has approximately 100 employees who have access to 27 computer stations.

Challenge: Recently-sold branch needed to sever ties to former HQ and create an independent IT infrastructure.

When this branch of the business was sold, its managers were given a six-month window to establish a completely independent IT infrastructure before it would need to sever its connection to its former headquarters.

Additionally, managers knew they were operating with outdated equipment, having not had a hardware upgrade since 1998, and did not have adequate systems in place to proactively manage its network, or protect it from disaster.

The Solution: Jim, the company’s general manager, said his team began searching for new network support companies in late 2014, and looked most seriously at a small, two-man company close to their location. But because they were “nervous about the size” of the other companies, they ruled them out quickly.  They found The Network Support Company, with 40-plus full-time technicians on staff, through a Google search, and invited TNSC to assess its network.

“We liked their size and overall abilities, and their pricing was competitive,” Piatek said. “I also liked that, during the assessment, their tech saw that something wasn’t working right and fixed it right on the spot.”

The assessment uncovered areas of concern in disaster recovery, workstation and server management, and outdated equipment and systems. Specifically:

  • The company’s overall IT infrastructure score indicated a moderate risk level (51%) for suffering “crippling” downtime or data loss.
  • Although server backup systems were in place, backup data was not being sent offsite, making recovering critical data unlikely in the event of a disaster.
  • It had no method to proactively manage workstations or servers, and workstations weren’t being patched, updated or backed up.
  • The company’s Microsoft Office Suites were outdated, unsupported by MS, not compatible with their new ERP application; it did not meet industry standards or compliance. Their servers had reached end of life.

TNSC recommended that the company:

  • Upgrade their infrastructure with new machines, virtual servers, firewalls, and Office 365
  • Implement StoreIT, for fully automated tapeless backup recovery and safeguarding data should server fails.
  • Implement AssitIT, for centrally managed maintenance; monitoring, reporting, antivirus, antispyware, patching and backups for workstations and servers.
  • Implement RetainIT, for fixed-fee tech support

The Value/Benefit:  Piatek reported a 98% overall level of satisfaction with TNSC, and said his company’s overall IT infrastructure is operating 100% better since TNSC upgraded it and installed their maintenance products.

Jim reports that he now has “major peace of mind” – rated at a full 100% – when it comes to the stability of their network, knowing it is being proactively monitored for potential issues.

“If there is an issue,” he said, “it’s resolved quickly and we’re not losing valuable production time.  We get help fast; it’s such a good team. We really haven’t had a significant outage or interruption of work. The return on investment is a no-brainer.”

*Company’s name is available upon request by calling (203) 744-2274