Walking the Talk as a Good Corporate Citizen

Walking the Talk as a Good Corporate Citizen

I start to anticipate my “Head Start day” even before it arrives each Wednesday. I really look forward to getting to the classroom full of 3 to 5 year-olds, sitting them down in front of me, and filling their little minds with wonderful stories.

Whether it’s Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy or Good Night, Moon, reading to kids is a great way to spark their imaginations and stimulate their learning – so I am so grateful to work at a place where the leadership gives me the opportunity to take an hour from my workweek, every week, to invest in the lives of children.

I’m in my second year as a volunteer reader for Head Start in Danbury, a non-profit agency that provides health, nutrition, education and mental health services to families. I really enjoy going because I get to interact with kids, which I love. And they seem to be having a good time too! I spent nine years in the Bethel School system, working with special education kids there, so this allows me to continue to give back to the community by doing something that I really enjoy.

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