Virus Protection by Doug Macomber, Systems Engineer at TNSC

Virus Protection by Doug Macomber, Systems Engineer at TNSC

It’s very important to protect your computer from viruses and malware. Viruses are malicious programs that are capable of gathering sensitive information from a computer and can even grant someone unauthorized remote control. Like a virus that affects humans, computer viruses can spread from computer to computer. Malware is similar to a virus, but cannot spread from computer to computer on a network. Most malware programs are either adware or spyware which generate unwanted pop-ups or disrupt normal computing.

There are many anti-virus/anti-malware applications available; some require a subscription and some are free. Free anti-virus applications work fine for home networks, but for corporate environments, a subscription-based solution that can be centrally managed is highly recommended. With a centrally managed anti-virus solution, administrators can insure that the anti-virus application is running on each computer, and that the programs update regularly with new virus definitions. Administrators are also able to deploy settings to client computers without physically touching each computer. There are also hardware devices that are capable of blocking viruses and malware before they enter a private network.

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