Value of Promoting from Within

Value of Promoting from Within

Promoting from within is, perhaps, the ultimate win-win scenario for value creation in any organization. It is, after all, the ultimate form of proactive recruiting.

At The Network Support Company, bringing bright, talented individuals into our organization is never viewed as simply filling a vacancy. Talent acquisition is always done with an eye towards the future. I’ve often heard someone on our hiring team say, “let’s get this person ‘on the bus’ and see where it leads.” In other words, sure, “person X” is qualified for an open position here, but, already, he or she is showing signs of having the potential to serve in a more challenging role with greater responsibility in the future. That’s a person we want on board.

Some would assert that smaller businesses don’t have enough bandwidth to truly engage in things like creating career paths and succession planning. But, not doing these things will ultimately result in a flat organization – one that exists only in the present.

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