The Threat in Your Pocket: Devices Are Also at Risk of Cyber Crime

The Threat in Your Pocket: Devices Are Also at Risk of Cyber Crime

Virtually everyone walking around in the civilized world today holds in their hand a device that cybercriminals can use to make their lives miserable.

It’s not only computers and laptops that users have to be concerned about; mobile devices are equally as vulnerable to attacks, especially since most people now use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet and their email.
The four biggest cyber security threats faced by device-users:

Known Unpatched vulnerabilities: New viruses and malware are being deployed every day, by the millions in fact, but the good news is that technicians are getting better at discovering and identifying the threats and quickly creating “patches” to nullify those vulnerabilities. The risk to a user increases significantly when users don’t, for any number of reasons, deploy those patches – usually via app and system updates – even when the risk and remedy is known.

Unknown Unpatched vulnerabilities: Of course, many of these millions of threats go unidentified and, therefore, unpatched. These unknown threats are significant and can lead to everything from a loss of data to identity theft to financial catastrophe. Another name for these threats are zero-day vulnerabilities.

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