Jim Kennedy

CEO and Founder


Jim brings more than 30 years of technology experience and client-centered service to his role as CEO of TNSC. Prior to launching TNSC, Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology led him to co-found Personal Computer Technology Group in 1983, the first computer rental company in Connecticut, where he served as president until 1992. From 1993 until 1996, Jim was Vice President of Network Technology for Maplecrest Software Development, where he initiated, developed, and led their IT infrastructure practice.


In addition to his responsibilities at TNSC, Jim was chosen for the Knights of the IT Roundtable, Bass Hotel and Resort’s Technology Advisory Board, and chaired BHR’s High Speed Internet Access Solution Selection Committee. Jim’s immersion in technology also includes founding the Hospitality Technology Consortium, a profitable venture that operated from 1999–2002, and the launch of Homeology in 2005, which specializes in providing integrated system automation solutions to homes and businesses.

Jim is a frequent speaker at domestic and international hospitality conferences on emerging technologies in the hospitality industry and has had several articles published on emerging hospitality and business technologies.

Jim has an extensive record of active volunteerism in the community and with faith-based organizations. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board at Western Connecticut Health Network (formerly known as Danbury Hospital), and has served as chair on multiple committees including the Governance Committee, the Technology Advisory Council, and the Planning Board.

He is a member of the Western Connecticut State University Ancell School of Business Advisory Council and serves on the IT Advisory Board for Ability Beyond Disability. In addition, Jim is the founding chairman of the Samaritan Health Center, a low-cost pediatric clinic in Danbury serving the primary care needs of more than 1,000 children. Each year, more than 500 business and civic leaders attend the Western Connecticut Prayer Breakfast, which Jim founded and chairs. Jim received his degree in economics from Amherst College.


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