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When Your Windows Computer Locks Up

You’re working on a document or are almost done with a form, and suddenly you see the dreaded “(Not Responding)” on the left corner of your screen. Nothing you type or click is being recognized. Worse yet, your computer isn’t responding at all. You’re experiencing a Windows lock-up or freeze and you’re concerned!

Before you start worrying about lost work, keep this in mind:

Most modern programs have an AutoSave feature. This includes Microsoft Office products like Excel, Word, and Outlook. Even if all else fails, and your computer or the program you were using has crashed, there will likely be a saved copy.

Many websites and web-based programs automatically save your progress, too. This includes Gmail, Outlook.com, and the web versions of Office 365. Each of these saves drafts at regular intervals. Even if you must close your browser, there’s a good chance your work will be saved and you’ll be able to start where you left off the next time you log on.

Okay, now that we’re calmer, let’s do something about that freeze-up.

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