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2017 IT Data Trends and What They Mean to You

How Data Solutions Are Changing in 2017


Like every year, 2017 is bringing a whirlwind of changes to the software industry. When it comes to listing the biggest 2017 IT data trends, the same categories seem to make an appearance year after year. While it’s true that artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are still major unknowns within the software industry, advances in these new technologies are being used in surprising ways. Find out what changes this year has in store for IT professionals everywhere.


IoT and Data Security


With one major hack after another, the IT community is slowly wising up to the limitations of the Internet of Things or IoT. Smart objects and household appliances that are connected to the Internet are becoming catnip for hackers all over the world. Data security professionals have been largely focused on securing users’ hard drives, smartphones and computers, effectively overlooking IoT as a pivotal part of cyber security. Companies are starting to rethink their approach to IoT in hopes of avoiding another major breach.


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How the Trump Administration Is Shaking Up the IT/Software Industry

What Can IT Professionals Expect from President Trump?


There’s been a lot of commotion coming out of Washington since President Trump took office on January 17th. While the new president has yet to pass a major new piece of legislation through Congress, the Trump administration has been signaling towards some major changes when it comes to development data solutions and the Internet as a whole. Learn more about what changes IT professionals can expect from the Trump administration in the weeks and months ahead.


Reversing “Net Neutrality”


One of the most notable changes coming out of the Trump administration is its attitude towards what’s known as “Net Neutrality.” This Obama-era regulation treats the Internet like a basic utility, which means that service providers are not allowed to favor certain types content. The new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Varadaraj Pai believes in doing away with “Net Neutrality” altogether. (Forbes Contributor Dr. Granados) As the FCC prepares to undo much of the Obama administration’s work on securing the freedom of the Internet, expect more IT companies and Internet behemoths to start testing the waters when it comes to providing certain content to users.


Changes for Healthcare IT Professionals

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