Network Assessments

Network assessments conducted by TNSC are typically performed at the start of a new client maintenance relationship. We also perform network assessments for existing clients who are considering a change in their technology or are introducing new technology and need to prioritize their needs. 

A network assessment provides both the client and TNSC with a documented report including:

  • Equipment age and warranty status
  • Asset management overview
  • Existing network issues categorized by severity
  • A “road map” for supporting and planning your IT network and budget

TNSC’s IT audit consultants provide valuable insights for ongoing support and how to maximize a business’s technology investment. In doing a network vulnerability assessment, TNSC helps to avoid:

  • Repeat service calls for the same equipment and issue
  • Not having parts (with current warranty) readily on hand for service calls
  • Lost productivity due to poor or inconsistent IT performance
  • Lost data and downtime
  • Possible security breaches

TNSC’s MSP Assessment consists of network and organizational risk components, which is generated during our onsite Network Assessment. The Scorecard consists of the 15 areas outlined in the graphs below. The findings are graphically represented in two ways. The first, Network Risk, evaluates the health and suitability of individual network components like servers, workstations, and cabling. The second, Organizational Risk, looks at factors, like security and recoverability, that can span multiple network components and have multiplying risk factors.

sample network assessment

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