HostIT – Cloud Hosting Services

HostIT – Cloud Hosting Services

TNSC is one of the most trusted cloud hosting service providers for small to mid-sized businesses. HostIT, TNSC’s cloud computing service, provides a virtual server, or servers, (located in our co-location facility) for an affordable monthly fee.

HostIT is a full-service cloud hosting solution that includes:

  • Server monitoring
  • Automated maintenance
  • Data backup
  • Option for remote accessibility

Unlike other cloud hosting service providers, TNSC also continuously monitors battery and diesel power backup, air conditioning, redundant Internet connections, and all fail-safe systems. HostIT eliminates the housing, power, cooling, backup and maintenance costs of a local server, as well as the up-front capital expense of server acquisition and server refreshes.

We take care of your hosting, so you never need to worry about your site going down! Want to know if Basic or Standard is right for you? Call us at (800) 222-3893 or send us an email.


Turbine generators provide a constant source of power.
UPS Battery Banks provide consistent, clean power.
Environmental controls maintain temperature and humidity.



With two levels of cloud hosting service to choose from, TNSC makes it easy to enjoy the efficiency and flexibility of a virtual server and to eliminate the worry and expense associated with maintaining your own on-site server.

HostIT Basic Infrastructure Diagram.
HostIT Standard Infrastructure Diagram.
HostIT Product Comparison Basic Standard
Customizable Virtual Server Instances Customizable virtual server instances Customizable virtual server instances
Real-time Virus protection and removal Real-time virus protection and removal Real-time virus protection and removal
Microsoft Server Patch Management and Deployment Patch management and deployment Patch management and deployment
Advanced Monitoring of Server and Applications Daily image backups replicated offsite Daily image backups replicated offsite
Daily image backups replicated offsite
StoreIT Backup with 15 Minute Snap Shots Additional Cost
Redundant High Availability Server Infrastructure
Redundant High Performance Storage Controller
N+1 Enterprise Class Network And Storage Infrastructure
SAS70 Type II Certified Datacenter
Stated Uptime SLA 99.7% 99.9%
Monthly Starting Price Per Server $150 $300

*99.9% Uptime = Maximum 8 hrs, 45 Minutes of unplanned downtime annually.
*99.7% Uptime = Maximum 26 hours of unplanned downtime annually.