Backup and Disaster Recovery

StoreIT – Tapeless Backup and IT Disaster Recovery

Server failure or losing data can be a nightmare for a business. With StoreIT, TNSC’s tapeless data backup, you won’t lose sleep worrying about business continuity. StoreIT combines the benefits of tapeless data backup and IT disaster recovery – should your primary server ever fail, you can be back up within hours, not days. 

What makes StoreIT a better choice over other backup solutions?

We do data integrity check every 24 hours and a complete test virtualization every 60 days to ensure the highest level of data security. No other company provides this level of protection.


  • No more changing tapes nightly or weekly
  • No more tapes to buy, label, catalog, or store
  • No more hassle taking tapes offsite

StoreIT’s completely automated backup features:

  • Onsite and offsite remote tapeless data backups
  • Onsite backups every 1 hour
  • Offsite backups every 24 hours
  • Protection of valuable business data at offsite data centers
  • Guaranteed server recovery (via virtual mode) in less than 2 hours post-primary server failure
  • Bare metal restore capabilities on your server resulting in less downtime
Services Included with StoreIt
Installation of StoreIT agents on server Checkbox
Installation of local NAS (network storage device) Checkbox
Setup of continuous on-site and off-site backup Checkbox
Labor associated with NAS hardware or backup failures Checkbox
Regular test restores Checkbox
24X7 monitoring of on-site and off-site Backups Checkbox
Adaptive bandwidth throttling ensuring data being sent off-site doesn’t take up all of your bandwidth Checkbox

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