ArchiveIT – Cloud Storage for Email Capture and Archiving

ArchiveIT is part of TNSC’s cloud computing services. This automated email capture and archival solution captures all inbound and outbound emails from a client’s site and stores them remotely in a database for search and retrieval.

ArchiveIT’s cloud computing security features:

  • Real-time backup to protect against loss of emails
  • SPAM filtering to remove SPAM email before entering the archival database
  • Options to monitor and send alerts for:
    • severe foul language
    • personal email use
    • personally identifiable information (HIPAA and other regulatory compliance)

ArchiveIT’s cloud storage solution is ideal for any company or regulated industry that requires email retention and monitoring.

  • Accidental confidential information leakage
  • HR policy compliance
  • Commitments made via email to avoid “he said, she said” discussions
  • Malicious or subversive employee actions
Comprehensive Archiving  
Retrieval from exchange (MAPI) Checkbox
Integration with exchange journaling Checkbox
Retrieval via IMAP and POP3 Checkbox
Archival of SMTP messages Checkbox
Integration with Barracuda Spam Firewall Checkbox
PST file import / export Checkbox
Single-instance storage Checkbox
Compression Checkbox
Tamper-proof storage Checkbox
Search and Retrieval  
Search on metadata Checkbox
Search on message contents Checkbox
Search attachments Checkbox
Compound searches Checkbox
Saved searches Checkbox
Message tagging Checkbox
Export of search results Checkbox
Policy Management  
Standard policies:

  • severe foul language
  • personal email use
  • personally identifiable information
Custom policies Checkbox
Alerts for every email that violates policy Checkbox
Periodic digests of emails violation policy Checkbox
Time-based retention policy Checkbox
Virus, spyware, and malware scanning Checkbox

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