Reduce Junk Mail in your Mailbox in 5 Minutes

Reduce Junk Mail in your Mailbox in 5 Minutes

How often do you end up deleting unwanted subscription-based e-mails? Sometimes you may find value in these messages, but often times it becomes a nuisance and you end up simply deleting the message. Real spam will get caught by spam filters such as our Barracuda spam filter, but oftentimes we may receive other unwanted e-mails in the form of newsletters, marketing updates, etc. Read on to find out how you can reduce the amount of these messages.

One of the main requirements for subscription based emails is that they must provide an unsubscribe link in the e-mail. Simply open one up, scroll to the bottom and click unsubscribe. Follow the steps in your browser to complete your removal. Ok, that was easy, and now we know how to deal with the messages individually, but let’s take that a step further.

A great way to easily find and unsubscribe yourself from all unwanted subscriptions is to do a search of your mailbox for the word “unsubscribe.” You can then easily find the messages you do not wish to receive anymore and unsubscribe yourself. If you use Office 365 things can be even simpler. Office 365 will attempt to detect unsubscribe links and when possible, will display an unsubscribe button that you can click to be unsubscribed automatically.

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