Overcoming the Challenges of Working from Home

Overcoming the Challenges of Working from Home

When the nature of a job allows it, today’s technology removes virtually any obstacle to working from home. As long as an employee has internet access and can link to company servers, he or she may never need to go to the office.

For me, the notion to propose a mostly work-from-home scenario (four days home/one in office) arose when we had our first baby; it escalated to nearly full-time-from-home when my husband took a job in another state.

Fortunately, TNSC management recognizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance, so nine years ago, they took a chance that it would work. And it has. I get to continue in a job that I love while being present for my children; the company, which valued the institutional history and skills that I possessed, didn’t have to hire a new employee.

But while it is succeeding as I hoped, working from home still brings challenges. Here are some of the top challenges, and ways I’ve found to overcome them:

Work days can be longer: When you have to calm a crying baby or clean up the toddler’s mess, your eight-hour workday may take ten hours. This could be an issue for coworkers or customers who may need something right away. I find that prioritizing my tasks helps; if there’s a hard deadline, if someone is waiting for me to do MY job before they can continue theirs, or if it is going to affect cash flow, I give the task high priority.  

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