Managing Antivirus Threats

Managing Antivirus Threats

Successfully managing virus threats essentially boils down to managing two things: technology and people. Sure, it’s easier said than done… but certainly doable.

Let’s start with the technical side. You’re probably aware that there is no single or foolproof solution to completely protect your network. However, by deploying multiple solutions with a layered approach, you certainly mitigate the vast majority of risks.

Creating multiple layers of protection defends against attacks from each aspect of computer use. The first layer is one that most people are familiar with – an Antivirus application. This is the most basic form of defense; it’s well established in the industry and is easy to find and deploy. It provides the first layer of protection by scanning the system itself and identifying any known viruses – in most cases eradicating them before they can do much damage.

Very similar to the Antivirus application is another form of protection known as an Antimalware application. While functionally the same as the Antivirus program, it is yet another layer of protection that resides directly on the computer. As you will learn in a later blog, there are many differences between a virus and malware attack, and it’s important to keep an established protection against both of them.

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