Is Your P@ssw0rd Secure?

Is Your P@ssw0rd Secure?

Today’s cybercriminals are finding new ways to make your lives miserable, and one of the ways they’re doing it is by successfully guessing the passwords to your email, social media profiles, and online banking and retail sites, essentially providing them the keys to your kingdom. They’re employing sophisticated software that allows them to target online sites (Target, eBay, JPMorgan Chase, etc.), “guess” the most common passwords – even ones that may seem secure to you – and then sell them on the internet. And, don’t overlook the fact that security threats can also come from people you know… who might know just enough about you to steal or figure out your password (and, please, don’t put it on a sticky note on your computer!).

Therefore, the importance of creating the strongest passwords possible can’t be overemphasized. Simply put, easy-to-remember passwords are history. Your first dog’s name or your children’s birthdates are no longer going to keep cyber-thugs out of your business. It’s time to break out some new password-picking techniques.

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