A Good Day of Phishing Could Mean a Bad Day for You

A Good Day of Phishing Could Mean a Bad Day for You

Here’s a scary fact if you are responsible for your company’s security: Some phishing emails encourage a nearly 100 percent open rate.

Apparently, emails are irresistible when they pretend to inform recipients of a new evacuation plan for their workplace. The same is true for fake password update alerts. According to Wombat Security’s annual “State of the Phish” report, users open virtually every one of these type of scam notices.

What happens when one of your employees clicks on that authoritative-sounding message? They begin on a path that could lead to the theft of their personal information or worse – the company could lose valuable, even crucial, data.
Train and then train some more
You can’t stop the criminal activities of those trying to infiltrate your company. But training has proven effective in helping your employees recognize phishing scams and to report them.

Happily, it is not necessary to make everyone an IT specialist to avoid trouble. It’s enough to educate them on the latest scams and how to look for telltale signs that certain emails are likely to be trouble.

The frequency of training is key.

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