Flexible IT Expertise for Education

For IT services custom-tailored to the education industry, companies choose The Network Support Company. We don’t just help streamline and manage your operational processes – we help scale your organization so that you can achieve continued success. For our education clients, we’ve been able to: 

•Provide the most advanced, up-to-date technology for students and faculty

•Update antiquated and inefficient network infrastructures to support the entire campus

•Offer unlimited accessibility to data and information for students and faculty wherever they go

•Support and proactively monitor communication and data networks

What Our Services Can Do for You

Cabling & telecom
Don’t let slow transmission speeds be the reason for a poor educational experience. Our cabling and telecom services help to combat slow data networks by increasing transmission speeds and getting you up to optimal network performance.

Cloud hosting and computing (HostIT)
Accessibility to information is key for any educational institution. With a stronger need to support remote students and faculty than ever before, TNSC’s cloud hosting and computing services provide an easy and convenient method of accessing shared resources, unlimited information, and data on-the-go. Harnessing the power of the Cloud was never any easier.

Managed services (AssistIT / SimplifyIT)
Proactive monitoring is what we do best. Our integrated IT solutions help centrally manage and report on monitoring, antivirus, patching, and server and workstation backups so you know exactly what’s going on at all times.

Backup and disaster recovery (StoreIT)
StoreIT helps to prevent disasters and server failures instantaneously. A completely automated solution, StoreIT is beneficial because it provides the highest level of data security with onsite backups every hour and guaranteed server recovery in less than 2 hours. Schools receive backups of their servers every 15 minutes so that they can be recovered in the event of a disaster. Should your server ever fail, you can be back on your feet in a matter of hours rather than days. 

Real Education Expertise, Real Experience

“The return on investment is a no-brainer.” Jim, GM

We’ve been in the IT industry long enough to have seen it all. Read a case study about one of our education clients and what we were able to help them achieve. 

Read Education Case Study


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