DDoS Attacks are Disruptive; often a Smokescreen for Something Worse

DDoS Attacks are Disruptive; often a Smokescreen for Something Worse

When it comes to cybersecurity, one constant is that the “attack du jour” will always be changing. Right now, one of the greatest threats worldwide is an attack known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), which is designed to cripple a company or organization by artificially crashing its website, and therefore denying service to its customers.

Though these attacks have been around for a while, causing disruptions and general headaches, there’s a disturbing trend underway: many DDoS attacks are now being used as a smokescreen for wider, more sinister attacks or intrusions on an organization. The intention is that these disruptions will distract the IT staff, so that a more malicious attack, launched after the DDoS, will go unnoticed. “They’re accompanying data breaches, the implementation of malware within an organization, theft of intellectual property, and stealing funds or customer information,” NeuStar Senior Security Manager Joe Loveless told TechNewsWorld. Read here for the article.

We’re seeing DDoS attacks occur in significant numbers lately, due to the fact that, as the methodology behind these kinds of attacks evolve, they becomes cheaper and easier to deploy. In fact, software enabling these attacks is widely available for anyone to purchase, anonymously, through “the dark net,” the online underground marketplace. (More on that in an upcoming blog).

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