Customer Service Makes the Brand

Customer Service Makes the Brand

There’s a common misconception out there when it comes to a company’s identity – also known as its “brand.” And it’s this: companies often believe that they determine how their company is branded.

They write a mission statement, come up with a slogan and – boom – there’s the beginning of their brand. They flesh it out with some pithy core values, a logo, and maybe a few brand colors for consistency. They slap the logo on a website and maybe on some button-down shirts and call it “branded.”

But the truth of the matter is that companies don’t create their own brand. Their customers do. Because a “brand” is not the image a company projects to the world, but what their customers (or those who aren’t their customers) believe about it. When it comes to a company’s brand, perception is everything.

Smart leaders, seasoned leaders, are aware of this and – instead of leaving branding to the Marketing department – deal with it in the Customer Service department. At the Network Support Company, we believe that there’s a direct connection between our employees, our customers and our results … and it goes like this:

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