Creating a Culture of Work-Life Balance

Creating a Culture of Work-Life Balance

Two things in life are fairly universal: Work is Hard, and Life is Messy. Our lives, both personal and professional, are complicated, constantly in motion, and – no surprise here – not always in sync.

Newton’s Third Law of Physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means that there are two forces at work on the two interacting objects, and the size of the forces on each object is equal. That’s great if we’re talking about kicking a ball, but what about achieving work-life balance?

Well, let’s take a peek inside the Newton household.

After working nine grueling hours in the research lab, Sir Isaac throws up his hands and heads home to unwind and relax. When he opens the door, he finds Mrs. Newton in a complete lather. Dinner is burned to a crisp, their prize bull is foaming at the mouth in the barn, and there’s a note from school telling them that little Isaac, Jr. pushed the Galileo kid on the playground and is suspended. Oh the forces have interacted, but not very equally. Work-life balance is decidedly not in Sir Isaac’s favor.

Unlike Newton’s theory, the force in play here is not motion … it’s emotion. Fast forward 350 years; Work is still Hard and Life is still Messy. So what is the role of today’s employer in helping employees achieve work-life balance?

If you are looking for a formula to solve the equation – stop. No such formula exists. But doing something much more meaningful CAN have an impact on achieving work-life balance: Establishing a workplace culture in which balance is possible… a culture that recognizes, validates, and supports employees. A Culture of Caring.

How in the world can a company president – who has to show profits – create such a thing? It requires a shift in thinking, for sure, but one that The Network Support Company has found pays immeasurable dividends.

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