A Cautionary Tale: Why Recommendations Matter

A Cautionary Tale: Why Recommendations Matter

It’s no secret that businesses face numerous vulnerabilities these days, including threats from cybercriminal that can cost them dearly – in lost time, resources, data, revenue, and, maybe worst of all, damaged reputation.

Companies such as The Network Support Company exist to help other businesses mitigate or minimize those risks. As a pro-active managed service provider, our primary mission with every one of our clients is to address their vulnerabilities before they turn into catastrophes. To do this, we routinely assess their network, and make recommendations on how to minimize their risk. And we take care to document everything we see, do and recommend. That’s us, doing our part. Our clients… well, for their part, they have to trust us, hear us, and then act on our recommendations.

When this isn’t the natural course of events, our clients sometimes pay a hefty price. Of course, we’d rather that never be the case.

Recently, we experienced an instance where one of our clients was hacked, with significant financial consequence, and the business owner wanted to know why TNSC wasn’t able to protect them. The owner said they had upgraded their firewall “less than a year ago” and followed other TNSC recommendations and protocols.

The owner was, unfortunately, mistaken. Because our techs are trained to carefully document every assessment, and spell out every recommendation and the reason for it, we were able to easily determine that this particular company had not taken action on the specific recommendations we put forth several months earlier – addressing this very vulnerability – and assigning it “high” priority.

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