You’ll need a driver’s license for another 10 years

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Self-driving cars are all about information technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In fact, they utilize some of the most complex, and still unperfected hardware and software in the lab. When the remaining issues in autonomous vehicles are solved, however, we will not only experience (promised) carefree driving but also advances in robotics […]

When Your Company Is In The cloud, Nail Your Contract To The Ground

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Chances are, you and your business are engaged with the cloud. Services like Dropbox are cloud-based, for instance, and easy to use. Your business, however, likely needs access to greater storage and technology than you can receive from a simple download. Moving to the cloud means you don’t have to maintain your own servers and […]

Success In Quantum Computing Is Difficult But Tantalizing

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Modern computers and systems seem almost miraculous in their abilities and contributions to humanity. But proponents of quantum computers say the machines we are using today will be remembered as something like a horse-drawn buggy when the next leap in computing occurs. There are a few rudimentary prototypes, but quantum computers exist essentially only in […]

5G Will Change How You Do Business – Someday. Maybe Soon.

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Ultra-fast 5G mobile and data communication is coming – perhaps as early as this year to some parts of the country. What it will mean to business owners and consumers remains somewhat unclear until we answer the question: What do we want to do with it? We know that our kids will start asking for […]

The Hits Keep on Coming – Drupal And Juniper Are The Latest

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Widely used software from Drupal and Jupiter Networks – two companies known for helping businesses create web pages and improve connectivity – were hacked in the past month, causing potentially serious damage to their client companies and, just as important, demonstrating that you can never let down your guard. Drupal offers content management software. Many […]

Generative Adversarial Networks Promise to Change Computing, and Us

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You have heard of machine learning, in which a computer gains “knowledge” and expertise as it tries and fails at a human-designed task until it learns the correct approach. That type of machine learning is still being used, but it could soon become very old-school. Some day, generative adversarial networks will take over, as two […]

A Good Day of Phishing Could Mean a Bad Day for You

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Here’s a scary fact if you are responsible for your company’s security: Some phishing emails encourage a nearly 100 percent open rate. Apparently, emails are irresistible when they pretend to inform recipients of a new evacuation plan for their workplace. The same is true for fake password update alerts. According to Wombat Security’s annual “State […]

What Went Wrong With Facebook? An Explanation.

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Everyone knows Facebook has a problem. The headlines are relentless and appear day after day. If you only read the headlines, though, you might have an uneasy feeling, without knowing exactly why. Here is a primer on what’s been happening recently, what’s gone wrong, and how it might be addressed. To begin: Facebook collects a […]

How to Protect Yourself from CyberMonday Scams

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As if the internet weren’t already a scary enough place, with cybercriminals lurking everywhere and unleashing malware at the rate of hundreds of thousands a day, the holiday season can be the stuff of nightmares. Cybercriminals really ramp up their wicked game on CyberMonday and during the holiday season – knowing full well more people […]

Protect Against a KRACK Attack

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A new cyber threat emerged recently, and it puts any person using a wireless network, even one with a secure password, at risk of being hacked. The bug, called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack), is essentially a fundamental flaw in the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) encryption that is used on all modern Wi-Fi routers. This […]

Blockchain: The Foundation of Trust for Cryptocurrency

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You may have noticed that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have taken off this year. Their market capitalization went from about $18B in January 2017 to more than $110B in June. The foundation of such digital currency is built on a technology called ‘blockchain.’ This is the foundation that enables users of the digital assets to trust […]

Cryptocurrency: A Primer

Posted on by Buddy Pitt, TNSC Research & Development Manager

Cryptocurrencies – aka ‘digital assets’ – have been growing in popularity since Bitcoin was created in 2009. Its creation was based on a white paper that described a currency immune to manipulation by using mathematical algorithms as a method of regulation. Since then, thousands of cryptocurrencies have popped up; some survive, others have died. Today […]

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