A message from our CEO, Jim Kennedy:

When I started this company in 1996, I didn’t set out to build the most technically sophisticated tech company, or the biggest tech company, or even the most profitable tech company. I started this company because I wanted to experiment with the concept that good people can finish first.

As a generally recognized “nice guy,” the dismissive “nice guys finish last” platitude always bothered me. So, to test this, I knew I had to infuse the concept of INTEGRITY into the very foundation of my new company and make it apparent in everything we did or said. It’s only with this level of integrity that you can build the trust and security people need to be fully transparent, vulnerable and engaged.

When you treat both clients and employees as the treasures they are, and when you focus on doing the right thing, financial success will follow. When you help people become the best versions of themselves and treat them with respect, they ALSO become passionate about making the business the best it can be, too. They’re more willing to take risks, to work harder, and care more.

These are the hallmarks of the company we’ve built. As someone deeply committed to God, I greatly admire and follow the precepts given in Colossians 3:12, which says to “clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” I believe that these can – and should – be our guiding principles in the business world, too.

So today, if you ask our employees what it’s like to work at TNSC, I think they’ll tell you that it’s a pretty unique place, where they are nurtured, encouraged, challenged, supported, and treated like family.

We’re always looking for qualified professionals that will eagerly jump on board in an environment like ours. Might you be one of those people?