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Providing enterprise level solutions at a competitive price

We provide the highest quality service and reliability that is truly affordable: IT peace of mind.

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Computer Support and IT Networking Services

We are the trusted business advisor… assuring peace of mind through cultivated expertise, extensive resources, and uncompromising services. We specialize in computer support and IT networking for the small to midsize business.

What makes us uniquely different?

  • Teaming approach - Account Managers.
    Dedicated account manager provides single point of contact.
  • Primary, Secondary and Help Desk Technicians.
    Your dedicated team knows your environment inside and out.
  • Employees are not subcontracted.
    We employ over 60 full time employees, all based in the USA.
  • R&D investment and new services.
    We spend over 100k a year to keep ahead of the technoloy curve.
  • We own the solutions we sell, not outsourced.
    We develop technology in house in order to provide the best solutions.
  • No long term commitments.
    We are confident you'll absolutely love our services.
  • Technical training - 40+ certified technicians.
    Over 100 certifications comprising 27 disciplines.
  • True 24/7 service organization
    A certified technician is always on call.
  • Wide range of technical skillsets and knowledge base.
    From small business to enterprise level support.
  • Automated and team monitored managed services.
    Our highly proactive approach keeps your infrastructure running smoothly.
Data Backup Recovery CT FL
IT Support Services CT, NY, NJ, PA, FL

At The Network Support Company (TNSC), we make it easy to choose the right technical support solutions to fit your business needs. We are one of the most established and trusted IT managed services and computer networking providers along the East Coast – with offices in Connecticut/New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. TNSC’s managed services, networking, and data back-up provide small-to-mid sized businesses with the same superior quality and technical expertise found in the IT departments of major corporations.

  • IT managed service options and comprehensive computer support
  • Fast response — remote and on-site
  • Flexible and affordable packaging
  • Attentive and personalized customer service
IT Support Services CT, NY, NJ, PA, FL

News and Updates from TNSC

Your Technician’s Personality Dictates How They ‘Git ‘Er Done’

Your Technician’s Personality Dictates How They ‘Git ‘Er Done’

Information Technology can be “done” in many ways.  By “done,” I mean the latitude that we, as IT professionals, have in deciding how IT is implemented and supported.  Since IT is implemented by people, how it’s done can often reflect the personality of the person who’s doing it.  And, of course, as with every industry, the world of IT has a few stereotypical personality types, based on how they approach the job:

The cowboy: This IT person ‘don’t answer to nobody’ and will hogtie anyone who tells ‘em differently.  He is happy being left alone and doing things his own way.

The soldier: This IT person does only what he is told, by following procedural instructions verbatim – but has trouble seeing the big picture or knowing what to do when something unexpected happens.

The contractor: This IT person wants to just get it in and work, then move on quick to the next job.  He hates to be called back to attend to punch list items or small details, since he only makes money on the new jobs. (more…)