Network Assessment

Risk management via network assessmentsNetwork Assessments – Put your trust in the IT Audit Consultants from TNSC

Since 1996, TNSC has been a trusted IT audit consultant to hundreds of companies across New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, and places in between. Network assessments conducted by TNSC are typically performed at the start of a new client maintenance relationship. We also perform network assessments for existing clients who are considering a change in their technology or are introducing new technology and need to prioritize their needs.


A network assessment provides both the client and TNSC with a documented report including:

  • Equipment age and warranty status
  • Asset management overview
  • Existing network issues categorized by severity
  • A “road map” for supporting and planning your IT network and budget
  • View a sample network assessment

TNSC’s IT audit consultants provide valuable insights for ongoing support and how to maximize a business’s technology investment. In doing a network vulnerability assessment, TNSC helps to avoid:

  • Repeat service calls for the same equipment and issue
  • Not having parts (with current warranty) readily on hand for service calls
  • Lost productivity due to poor or inconsistent IT performance
  • Lost data and downtime
  • Possible security breaches

Knowledge, especially expert knowledge, is power. Put the power of TNSC’s IT audit consultants behind you and be assured of IT peace of mind.