Quality Scores

A history of outstanding customer service quality scores.

At TNSC we strive to provide our clients and even our prospects with the highest level of customer service. Customer service is an attitude not a department.Customer satisfaction is critical to our success and we take this very seriously. We feel that the best way to prepare for the future in improving our service is to keep a constant pulse on how we are doing and how our clients perceive us. The Network Support Company is confident enough in our products and our people that we ask for feedback more than the average company does.

We send out annual surveys to all of our clients and also send a random sampling of additional surveys regarding individual service tickets. This way, we are hearing from customers’ right at the time the service is delivered and not months down the road. These surveys are brief yet concise, and allow us to constantly improve as a company so that we are able to offer an exceptional level of customer service.

In the spirit of transparency with our customers, we are proud to share our quality scores and remain committed to striving for improvement.

Ranking Scale: 1. Unacceptable 2. Poor 3. Adequate 4. Very Good 5. Excellent

Telephone Response Score
Courtesy and Friendliness 4.56
Do You Feel Taken Care Of 4.38
Our Response Time Score
In an Emergency 4.28
Under Normal Circumstances 4.09
Our Technicians Score
Appearance 4.38
Manners 4.63
People Skills 4.43
Work Habits 4.47
Technical Knowledge 4.48
Ability to Explain Technical Issues 4.39
Follow-Through 4.31
Our Billing Procedures Score
Accuracy 4.35
Timeliness 4.39
Clarity 4.27
Your Level Of Confidence Score
Our Hardware and Software Recommendations 4.4
Our Technical Ability and Knowledge 4.52
Our Ability to Solve your Computer Problems 4.42
Our Fairness in Pricing and Contracts 4.12
Our Communication and Follow up 4.25
Our Desire to Serve your Needs 4.51
2014 Average Score Q1 – Q4 4.38

Ranking Scale: 1. Unacceptable 2. Poor 3. Adequate 4. Very Good 5. Excellent

We are very proud of our quality score results; you can view our entire history of of outstanding service right here.